Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Poor Reception

As I was leaving a clients office on Red Branch Road the other day I noticed a black cord stretched across the sidewalk. Somehow I had missed it on my way in.

One end of the cord led to this curious set up on the grass next to a parking space. The other end trailed into a space in the building. Closer inspection of the parking space set up revealed that this was an XM radio antenna.

I have a similar situation at my house. Despite claims by XM and Sirius that their satellite radios can work well inside a home or office, I have often had trouble getting a signal. Moreover, once a signal is successfully acquired, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will stay that way, especially during a storm like the one last night. I have often resorted to sticking the antenna on the ledge of an open window in order to get a signal. This fix could be problematic once the weather gets colder.

I thought about drilling a hole in the wall and affixing the satellite antenna to the outside of the house but Mama Wordbones wasn’t having any of that.