Friday, October 31, 2008

A Ghoulish Tale in Howard County

Just in time for Halloween there was this story by Jonathan Pitts in The Sun today. The Rhee family in Clarksville is claiming that the developer of their subdivision, Highland Development, removed headstones from a 300 year old cemetery on their lot before building a house on it and never revealed this material fact to the purchasers.

No word as to whether the former inhabitants have made their presence known to the newer residents.

Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Is the house still there?
Do we need to call the Ghostbusters?

Anonymous said...

Several inhabitants of "Riverwalk Development" [off of Old Mill Rd. at Robert Jay Way] are living on top of what was a graveyard with graves going back to the 1700's!!! Did they move the graves.....
Watched it being built.

Paleo said...

Even though this sounds like the story for a film I would not feel happy to sleep in a place like this