Friday, October 03, 2008

Hot Grills Go Cold

I was sitting at the traffic light at Rouse Parkway and Dobbin Road today when I spotted this Barbeques Galore closing sign up on the hill by Dick’s Sporting Goods.
As I looked closer I realized that there was a guy standing behind the sign holding it up. Nice job. At least the weather was agreeable.

I guess the market for expensive barbeque set ups has cooled…so to speak.


Anonymous said...

It is not just the Columbia location. Barbeques Galore has filed for bankruptcy.

Anonymous said...

Whats the deal with the guys holding the signs WB? Is it because the stores aren't allowed to post signs, so they get around it by hiring someone to hold them up?

Anonymous said...

So maybe the sign law is too restrictive.
Not being a realtor, I don't particularly care to see the plastic "for sale" signs on the street corners every weekend.
Why don't we have a law that prohibits all signs regardless of any special interest group? Or better or worse, why don't we have no sign law and see what happens? Why begrudge a business going out of business the last rites of advertising?