Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Balanced View

There is a nice opinion piece about General Growths proposed zoning changes for Columbia Town Center on the editorial page of The Sun today. The last paragraph says it all:

“Outright rejection of the plan would set a dangerous course. It could lead to unplanned, piecemeal development of the property with negative consequences for the county, citizens and General Growth. More open communication and compromise would produce a better result.”

Amen to that. You can find the complete editorial here.


pzguru said...

You somehow (intentionally?) left off the first sentence of the last paragraph. Why is that?

wordbones said...


It was purely in the interest of brevity and besides, I thought the last sentence really said it all.


Anonymous said...

Also, the part about the 'planning board carefully considering' was omitted.

First chuckle erupted at the title of the post and prompts grounding by considering the source only lives within 50% of political theory. Ok, that's his world. But still.

Second chuckle came at the editorial author's direction for the planning board. If the Howard County Planning board were to cautiously or carefully consider an item, that would be a novel act followed by sending the developer community into a dizzying tizzy, possibly followed by conspiratorial claims that Bridget Mugane had something to do with it.