Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She Believes!

This last Planning Board public hearing on the proposed redevelopment plan for Columbia Town Center (ZRA 113) was covered quite well in our local online community. In addition to the posts put up by Explore Howard and yours truly, there was play by play twittering by Ilana Bittner, video of every testimony by Howard County Issues and audio recordings by Columbia Blog Project of Toby Orenstein, David Barrett, Barbara Russell and, one of my personal favorites, Cynthia Coyle.

For those readers who do not know Cynthia Coyle, she is the Columbia Council representative for the Village of Harper’s Choice and an outspoken opponent of being outspoken.

I found listening to her almost twelve minutes of testimony to be highly entertaining and not for just for the many malapropisms. In her own words, “she has heard from numerous residents praising the work that the CA board has done.”


I think that sounds a little strong, but there does seem to be a religious theme working here. Cynthia also believes.

“I believe that the CA testimony is thorough, forward thinking, and reflective of the majority of community opinion.”

She believes!

I found Jack’s audio recordings to be much more user friendly than the itty bitty video put up by Howard County Issues. It was just too small for these tired eyes of mine.


Anonymous said...

The statement about audio being more clear than audio plus small video is interesting reasoning, wb ;)

Jack said...

Damn WB, thanks for all the publicity! When do I get an interview with you for my blog? Also who runs Howard Issues? I'm working on a video package about ZRA-113 and Symphony woods and I tried to shoot video at the hearing, but it was a crap-shoot, literally.