Friday, March 20, 2009

Black Tie & Biker Chic

Each year, the Columbia Festival of the Arts hosts a major fundraising event to support the festival. For the past three years, the event has been a black tie dinner in the Spear Center in Town Center. Two years ago the evenings featured performer was John Waters. Last year it was Paula Poundstone. This year it will be Henry Cho.

In case you have never heard of Henry Cho, here’s a little sample from a performance on the Late Late Show.

This fundraiser is a great night out in Howard County. Though the tickets may seem pricey at $150.00 each, consider that this includes dinner, drinks and a performance.

Henry Cho is a Tennessee-native so the festival decided to theme the event in honor of Tennessee’s most well known libation, Jack Daniels whiskey. Since Jack seems to be the whiskey of choice among bikers, the festival decided to theme the event Black Tie and Biker Chic. The featured drink will be Lynchburg Lemonade.

The event will be held on Friday, May 15th from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM. For reservations call (410) 715-3044.


Anonymous said...

Getting a kick out of Southern expressions and titles. Lynchburg - what a name. Lynchburg Lemonade - could be anything.

Northerners have some interesting lines, too. One of my favorite insults: That is akin to the south end of a north bound moose.

Anonymous said...

Google "Southern Expressions" and you'll see the top choice had 13 million hits.

That’s about as useful as a trap door on a canoe!

You look about as happy as a tick on a fat dog.

I’m finer than frog hair split four ways.

If you don’t stop I’ll knock you in the head and tell God you died.

He’s busier than a one-legged man at a butt kickin contest!

more at:

Chris said...

Yeah thats funny! Real funny.