Thursday, March 05, 2009

In This Months Business Monthly

“Are you on Facebook yet?”

Over the past year I’ve been asked this question at least a dozen times. Initially I resisted. I reasoned that I really didn’t need another reason to spend time in front of a computer. This blog takes up enough time as it is.

Still I was curious as to what the attraction was to this social networking phenomenon. Heck, five years ago nobody was even talking about social networking. Now it seems that’s all some people talk about.

The fact is, we have been social networking all of our lives; it was called staying in touch and we did not consider every person we knew or encountered to be our friend. The term friend was usually reserved for someone we were truly connected to. I always thought of a friend as someone I could count on in a pinch.

This really hit home when I read about Hal Niedzviecki and his attempt to actually meet up with his Facebook friends. Hal soon found out that his 700 “friends” were more like casual acquaintances than actual friends.

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