Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Beer

“It’s only the 31st annual? I thought Clyde’s has been around longer than that.”

I was talking to Mama Wordbones about the 31st annual Clyde’s American 10 K race. I received my application in the mail the other day. She didn’t remember that Clyde’s was not the first restaurant in that space on the lakefront.

The first restaurant was called The Odyssey. I recall that it had heavy drapes on the lakefront windows. Together with Karas Beef House in Wilde Lake and Kings Contrivance they made up the trio fine dining options in Columbia in the early years.

Anyway, this years 10K road race will be held on April 19th. I am still unsure as whether I will once again attempt to drag my fat butt across the finish line after traversing the 6.2 miles of hills in Columbia. I always say that if you can finish this tough course in about an hour it means you made it through the winter without totally becoming a couch potato.

The thing is, you don’t even have to run the race to enjoy the bounteous free spread (including free beer) that Clyde’s lays out after the race. All you have to do is get up out of bed early on a Sunday morning.