Thursday, March 05, 2009

Bringing Home the Bacon

While the national press is lambasting earmarks that Congress is attaching to the budget bill like the $1.8 million to research how to deal with odors emanating from pig manure, it turns out that Howard County will also be the recipient of some Congressional earmark largess.

According to this story by Paul West from the front page of The Sun today, Representative Elijah Cummings has attached an earmark of $475,000 to the spending bill for Howard County to purchase hybrid electric buses.


Trevor said...

To me, this seems like a waste of money. I've heard that the prior "Columbuses" were one of Rouse's biggest failures in implementing the Columbia plan. Is the current bus system fairing any better?

I fail to see how having hybrid buses will stimulate the economy. Are these buses being built in Howard County? After the $475,000 is used to buy the buses, who is going to pay for the bus service to continue? Seems like this is a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul. The $475,000 will go to Detroit to buy a few buses. The gas bills will go to Exxon, and the massive bill for the bus service will go to Howard County residents.