Monday, March 09, 2009

Scene This Week In...

It is amazing how the weather plays out in March around here. Just last week the schools were closed as the area battled with one of its biggest snowfalls of the season. Yesterday the temperature climbed into the seventies and in my neighborhood guys were wearing shorts while washing their cars.

It’s not over yet, the month of March can be a fickle lover. Even as the flowers begin to sprout from the ground there are ample reminders that winter is still with us. I spotted these mounds of snow along the perimeter of a parking garage in Town and decided to make it this week’s scene in Columbia.

In Ellicott City my camera was drawn to the blue sediment control fence that has gone up around the George Howard building. Now that the county offices have relocated to their temporary digs on Stanford Boulevard in Columbia, work has commenced on the renovation of the offices in Ellicott City. It will be approximately two years before this work is completed and the county can move back to the county seat.