Friday, September 12, 2008

Ulman Abandons County Seat…Moves To Columbia!


Well, okay, maybe not really seriously. The move is temporary. The county will move all employees, including the exec, from the George Howard Building in Ellicott City to 8930 Stanford Boulevard just off Dobbin Road in Columbia. According to this story in The Sun, the move will occur over Columbus Day weekend in October. The county will then commence the $20 million renovation of the Ellicott City building.

The county council chambers will be relocated as well. Courtney and crew will move to the school board headquarters on Route 108.

8930 Stanford Boulevard is the also home to the headquarters of Ascend One Corporation. At one time the company occupied the entire 106,000 square foot building, but apparently these days “most of the firm’s employees work from home.”

The building was built in 1990 for S3 Technologies by Merritt Properties. S3 built mock ups of nuclear plant control rooms.

This property is a good value for the county. The space has been offered for sublease for over two years. It comes with workstations already in place and wired up and ready to go and it even has its own employee cafeteria. The best part though, is that county is not committed to a long term lease.

Still, this change is going to take some getting used to.


Anonymous said...

The Council is not moving to the School Board; the Council is holding it's televised sessions there because the Board of Ed room is wired for TV broadcast. The Council offices will be in the same building with the County Exec until the Howard Building reopens.