Sunday, March 17, 2013

St Patrick’s Day in Ellicott City…Mid Day Report

The real action was last night of course. Revelers were out in force in the pubs and restaurants in Ellicott City and apparently so were the HoCo Police. I say apparently because we opted take our St. Patrick's vigil to the Ale House Columbia last night instead. I received all my info on the historic district revelry second hand.
Today, however is St. Patrick’s Day and no matter what day of the week March 17th falls on, it is a day to put on a bit of green and celebrate the impending arrival of spring. There is also the ACC basketball tournament going on which by itself would be enough of an excuse to sit in pub and enjoy a beer or two. Then again the wind sort of came out of that sail last night too.
Voices for Children hoped to get things going early today by promoting a pub crawl that began at 11:00 AM. Last night, as Mama Wordbones and I discussed this, we agreed that 11:00 AM on a Sunday morning is different than 11:00 AM on a Sunday. Sunday is a day to sleep late and get up slowly, even if it also happens to be St. Patrick’s Day. Consequently t-shirt traffic was a little off from last year when it fell on a Saturday.
The volunteers were out there though, selling t-shirts while quaffing hot chocolate. This also turned out to be one of those cold St. Patrick’s years but it didn't seem to daunt their spirits (one wonders what else was in that hot chocolate?)
Nathan, the River House Pizza Company guy, was out this morning too, selling his popular breakfast pizza. I haven’t tried that yet but the reviews I’m getting are all good. Truthfully, I need to be focusing more on granola and fresh fruit right now than breakfast pizza anyway.
Talk of beers and breakfast pizza were almost drowned out by the chatter about parking. Last Thursday public works crews from Baltimore County swept in and created a no parking zone in front of Wilkins Rogers Mill. This little stretch of non-metered  roadside parking, just over the bridge, had become popular with locos. Within hours the BC police had slapped $52.00 parking fines on several vehicles.
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