Saturday, March 09, 2013

Thawing Out

I suffer no illusions that winter is finished with us just yet. March can be a fickle lover. One day the sun shines and the mercury flirts with sixty only to turn around and find the next day drearily overcast, back in thirties. It’s springs' big tease month.

Today is one of those teaser days. The garden centers are hopping and cars are being washed.

It really wasn't a bad winter. For the second year in a row we've escaped the big snow event. I like a big snow storm but only for the first few days. After a week the beauty of a fresh blanket of white snow is replaced by cinder encrusted mounds of melting snow along the roads.

Hopefully we’re done now. Tomorrow morning we’ll jump our clocks ahead an hour and edge one step closer to the warmer days ahead.

I’m ready.... apparently so are the daffodils.
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