Thursday, March 28, 2013

Musical Chairs

I blame it on the beer. Shortly after this post I received an email from one the participants taking exception to my comment about the lack of Repub candidates for the D1 council seat in 2014. The email pointed out that “Chris Merdon is a strong candidate for District 1 and that was seconded by another member of the group.”

"I really think this needs to be corrected because your portrayal of the GOP is not fair based on the discussion we had."

My bad. I should probably take more notes and drink less beer at our next gathering.

A Merdon candidacy would add an interesting dynamic to that race. Chris held the seat from 1998 until 2006 when he ran for county exec against Ken Ulman. Chris endorsed Bob Flanagan in 2010 when he sought to retake the seat for the Repubs from Courtney Watson, saying that “nobody knows this district better than Bob.”

The chances of the Repubs reclaiming this seat would improve significantly if, as rumored, there is a primary fight on the Dem side of the ticket. Dave Grabowski, current chair of the HoCo Planning Board formed a campaign committee in January, presumably to take a run at the D1 seat. Another Dem, Jon Weinstein, is also expected to announce for that seat.

At our gathering Monday night our Elkridge group member posited that Jon would have trouble getting much traction in Elkridge, at least in east of 95 Elkridge. A primary challenge from a candidate who lives in that part of town wouldn't help Jon's situation.

It will be interesting to see if Courtney makes a primary endorsement or opts instead to sit out that fight and save her blessings for the general election.

And speaking of Courtney…the current council person for D1 held a fundraiser last night at Union Jacks Pub in Columbia. Astute loco politico observers will note that Union Jacks is actually in District 4, Mary Kay Sigaty’s council district, though I didn't see Mary Kay at the party. Courtney spoke about wanting to continue to serve the county but stopped short of an actual announcement about running for exec.
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