Monday, March 25, 2013

Any Port in a Storm?

Contested elections are usually signs of a healthy democracy except when they’re not. A case in point is the upcoming Columbia Council election in the Village of River Hill. The incumbent, Michael Cornell, is being challenged by a relative newcomer to the HoCo politico scene, Clayborne Chavers. Sources have informed me that Russ Swatek recruited Mr. Chavers to challenge Michael because of his support for the Inner Arbor plan.

I haven’t always agreed with Michael Cornell, his politics tend to be a little too far to the left of my personal comfort zone. That being said I have always found him to be a thoughtful member of the CA board and one who is capable of reaching consensus with his fellow board members, acting in the best interests of the Columbia lien payers.

I can’t say that I feel the same way about Russ. Russ is one of those HoCo loco activists who seem to be against things much more than for them. He does of good job of articulating what he doesn't like, even if it means bending reality to fit his views. Nothing would please him more than to stack the CA board with fellow travelers. I believe that as long as someone agrees with him, Russ is willing to overlook other shortcomings in his political allies.

It appears that Clayborne Chavers has a few red flags around him. A search of the Maryland Judiciary website reveals that he was once charged with domestic violence (later dropped) and has an outstanding judgment in excess of $60,000. He was also recently reprimanded by the Attorney Grievance Commission “for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law on several occasions by entering his appearance in Maryland courts where he was not admitted to practice law.”

If I were a resident of River Hill, I think I’d stick with Mike.
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