Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pints & Politics, Spring Snow Edition

Ten loco politico wonks gathered together again last night in a public house to eat, drink and speculate about HoCo politics. It was the largest gathering of the group ever, the first time that everyone could make it on the same night, at the same time. Anyone who has ever tried to organize a gathering of friends, sans spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, et al, can attest to the difficulty of achieving 100%. Last night we pulled it off.

The opening topic was the 2014 county exec race. Without much disagreement the overwhelming consensus was that it will be a race between Courtney Watson and Allan Kittleman. Courtney gets the edge right now largely because of party. Most all agreed that Allan could win, but it will be an uphill battle all the way. He needs to get independents and unaffiliated in big numbers in order to do so…no small task in an off year election when the primaries generally determine the victors.

One thing certain, a contest between Allan and Courtney would be uncomfortable for many, particularly some of those Republicans for Watson.

One of the group announced, with certainty, that Maryann Maher is not going to take another shot at the House of Delegates. I’m glad that’s settled. Meanwhile Clarence Lam made some loco waves in District 12 by attacking fellow Dems Delegates Steve DeBoy and Jimmy Malone, along with Senator Ed Kasemeyer for voting against the repeal of the death penalty. District 12 is a new animal with a split personality. Clarence just staked out his side.

The Repubs in the group acknowledged that the loco party has a pretty thin bench for 2014. None could name a potential candidate for the District 1 council seat, usually considered a winnable seat for Repubs. It’s an accepted fact that Jon Weinstein will be the Dem candidate but he can’t announce until Courtney makes her announcement.


Maybe she’ll do that tomorrow night at her fundraiser in Columbia. At least three members of the group said they planned to attend, at least one other had a sent a check.

Last night, since we were all together for the first time, I decided to take a quick poll of everyone’s political affiliations. The results were three Repubs, four Dems and three Independents. The tenth member actually arrived late, after the tally had been taken but with this individual it was never even a question.
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