Monday, March 04, 2013

Brian the Blogger

It’s been awhile since I've picked on school board member Brian Meshkin. Lest anyone misconstrue this as being due to his threats of legal action, the fact is I've just been waiting for the right opportunity.

My wait is over. Recently Brian joined the HoCo Blogs community with his blog “Big Ideas,” which, written in the third person, describes its mission as reporting “on activities before the Board of Education of Howard County and other civic issues.”

“Anyone who knows Brian understands that Brian believes that Big Ideas can make the world a better place.”

Wordbones thinks that is nobly stated.

The difference with Brian's blog is that, unlike the majority of the other members of the HoCo Blogs community, he does not allow comments to his big idea blog posts. I find this a bit curious for someone who professes to believe in ideas. Not allowing readers to comment gives the impression that Brian only believes in big ideas that he puts forward. That seems to be rather small thinking for a big ideas blog.

On the other hand, commenter’s can be a bit irascible at times, particularly when they disagree with you. Dialogue about ideas isn't always pretty. Still, I believe that nasty comments are the exception rather than the norm and you can always delete any that go too far.

I guess I’m not really all that surprised though. In the past Brian has demonstrated that he doesn't like his notions to be challenged. For example, after commenting on a To2C post  about his business ventures he wrote that he’d be “happy to come on your show” to talk about it and then backed out the day before the podcast.

Then again, he didn't exactly show up at the HoCo Blogs party either.
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