Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Trying to Turn Back the Clock

In case anyone is under the impression that the battle for Columbia’s future has been won, think again. The forces that attempted to defeat the new plans for Symphony Woods are trying to organize a slate of candidates for the upcoming Columbia Council elections. In a posting on the HCCA listserv today, Alex Hekimian, the Columbia Council representative for the Village of Oakland Mills, hopes to garner enough allies on the council to reverse the decision to move forward on the Inner Arbor plan.

“Russ Swatek is trying to find Columbia Council candidates in other villages as well.  There is an opportunity that with Columbia Council contests in several villages and a new CA Board, the battle for Phase 1 of Symphony Woods can be won.  Otherwise, the chances are dim.”

Alex, along with Cindy Coyle from the Village of Harpers Choice, cast the only votes against the plan.

If there was ever a time to pay attention to your Columbia Council elections, this is it.
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