Sunday, January 13, 2013

Java Walk

Yesterday, when the weather professionals told us to expect an unseasonably warm and sunny day today, I promised Mama Wordbones I’d take a respite from watching football to venture out for a hike.

By noon today it was clear that this would be another case of Maryland mistaken meteorological prognostication. The dreary day worked to dampen her enthusiasm for an outdoor activity.

It did not have the same effect on me. Count me among those who enjoy the ethereal beauty of days when the grey mist blankets the landscape.
“How about a walk for coffee?” I suggested. That seemed to be enough of an incentive to compensate for the lack of sunshine. We headed up the Trolley #9 Trail to the Breadery and a cup of Zeke's coffee.

It wasn't a long hike but at least it got us off the couch.

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