Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Dividing Line

Until today I wasn't aware that Harris Teeter can’t use the Redskins logo in HoCo. According to this story by Dan Steinberg in The Washington Post, the Ravens have exclusive marketing to all of Maryland except Montgomery and Prince Georges counties.

“According to NFL rules, the Redskins have exclusive marketing rights in Montgomery and Prince George’s counties, meaning M&T Bank — a large Ravens sponsor — cannot display the Ravens logo in those D.C. suburbs. The Ravens, meanwhile, have exclusive marketing rights in the rest of Maryland, meaning Harris Teeter — a large Redskins sponsor — cannot use the Redskins logo in its North Laurel location, barely 10 miles from the Washington Beltway.”

Dan suggests that the true dividing line between the two franchises is Md Route 216, or more specifically, Reservoir High School and Maple Lawn.

“The Route 216 corridor in southeastern Howard County, though, seems unusual in the apparent exactness of its divide. A half-mile from the 10-year-old high school, the sports bar Looney’s has dueling Redskins and Ravens menu cards and segmented viewing areas — Redskins fans use the big screen upstairs and to the right, and Ravens fans head for the big screen downstairs and to the left.”

Go Ravens!

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