Friday, January 18, 2013


Talking about mental illness is never easy, especially when you are talking about yourself. Once you openly acknowledge a mental affliction you will henceforth be viewed by everyone through that filter. That’s why I found this post by Alice on her blog HoCoHouseHon, to be nothing short of courageous.

And enlightening. Alice shares how she has learned to live with her own illness in a starkly forthright manner by simply stating “I am mentally ill.”

“I'm a real person. Some of you know me only through this blog, though most others I think are friends and family members. And being a real person, disregarding any online persona, I have to face the every day life of being a young woman with a chemical imbalance which makes me cry like Van Gogh and smile like the Mona Lisa. It makes me play the piano with the wet cough of Chopin; it makes me immobile, sometimes, with perfectionism and fear. These are my mornings and evenings, my afternoon teas, the way I fall asleep and the way I wake up at 7:23 craving a cup of coffee.”

That is just a small taste what she shares. Read it yourself and I think you’ll agree, Alice is one brave blogger. In this simple post entitled "Shame" she helps open up the often suppressed dialogue of coping, understanding and dealing with mental illness.

Thank you Alice.

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