Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Flu Takes a Shot

The first call came around seven this morning from a client. We were scheduled to tour a group of properties beginning at nine.

“I have to reschedule our appointment today,” she said, “ I've got a stomach flu.”

The second call came a little after noon from the high school. “Your daughter is in the nurses office with a bad cough and nausea. Can you come get her?”

No problem, since my morning appointment cancelled I found myself with more flexibility that I thought I’d have.

When I arrived at Mt. Hebron the school nurse bought Peanut to the office. “It looks like the flu,” she told me.

“I’m glad I got my flu shot this year,” I replied with just a hint of self righteousness.

“That’s no guarantee,” the health professional cautioned. “It’s only about a sixty percent chance you’re covered for this particular flu.”

Still, I’ll take those odds.
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