Saturday, January 05, 2013

Third Times a Charm

As we were packing up after our show yesterday, Dave made a comment that there was less laughter than usual this week. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Some listeners have told me that they think we laugh too much.

That’s not to say the show didn't have its light moments, it’s just that we had a lot of meaty stuff to discuss with Senator Kittleman. With the Maryland General Assembly set to reconvene in Annapolis next week, we wanted to get Allan’s take on things like gun control, marijuana law reforms, school funding, and the transportation trust fund.

This is the third time Allan has been on the show. He was one of our first guests back in 2010 when he was serving as Minority Leader in the Senate, a position he subsequently forfeited when he parted ways with the rank and file on civil unions.

Allan is also the presumptive Republican nominee for county exec in 2014. Before he took over the Senate seat that was previously held by his father, Allan served six years on the county council representing District 5. In a strange twist of fate it was Allan who helped convince Courtney Watson to seek her first elective office on the school board. In 2014 he will likely face Courtney as the Democratic candidate for county exec.

Allan told us that he likes his chances in that race.

You can listen to the 81st episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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