Monday, January 14, 2013

Pink Sign Marks the Spot

The applications for changes to the current zoning regulations are in and the comprehensive zoning process is now well underway in HoCo. Properties that have applied for zoning map and regulation changes are sporting these snappy pink and black signs.

Am I the only one that finds the placement of these signs problematic?

In most cases the signs are planted along the road where there is no place to pull over and read them. The same is true with most zoning notice signs. You would not be faulted for thinking that this is at least somewhat intentional.

In any event, this countywide land use makeover is likely to dominate the councils agenda this spring. This isn't comp lite. This is comp heavy and some property owners are likely to test the limits of the spirit and intent of Plan Howard 2030. According to the county website it is expected “to be complete prior to the Council’s 2013 summer recess.”
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