Thursday, January 03, 2013

In This Months Business Monthly

When I sat down to write my column this month I had planned to dive into the controversy over the legislative initiative to change way the Columbia Association is defined under state law. The change would redefine the organization as a “nonprofit community service corporation” as opposed to a homeowners association.

This seemingly innocuous move, intended to better match up with CA’s unique structure (largest HOA in the country), was immediately pounced upon by the Alliance for a Better Columbia as a nefarious attempt to subvert community control. ABC responded to this move with its own legislative initiative which would effectively make governance of CA even more unwieldy than it already is.

It’s a good story with a very small audience that actually pays attention to this sort of thing. After banging out a paragraph or two I found myself struggling to make the subject at least mildly entertaining to those less informed. With an early deadline because of the Christmas holiday, it was more of a challenge than I was prepared to take on, so I dropped back and punted for another topic.

I wrote about movie theaters instead.

This is the time of year when theaters are buzzing with the biggest films of the year. The dreary weather drives us indoors and movies provide a great escape from doldrums of winter. The only problem is the movie theaters themselves.

I've decided I will no longer patronize the movie theaters You can find out why by checking out this months column here.
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