Monday, January 28, 2013

All Spur and No Sparkle

More than a few people have asked me what we are doing for the Evening In the Stacks party this year. The theme for this year’s library fundraiser is Sparkles and Spurs which pretty much tells you it’s a Texas theme. I think it’s the sparkle thing that throws folks off.

It may be a case of taking the whole sparkle theme too literally. It’s a black tie optional event which generally indicates that the ladies will be getting all gussied up and in my experience that usually includes accessorizing with jewelry. That would seem to cover the sparkle angle adequately enough.

I’m hoping people don’t take the spurs thing too literally as well. One can only imagine the fallout on the dance floor when you combine spurs with alcohol. I’m suggesting that perhaps a cowboy hat would satisfy the western theme without endangering fellow dancers.

What’s that?

You haven’t purchased your tickets yet?

Come on. What else are you going to do on a cold Saturday night in February?

For those guys who are tired of scrambling to find something thoughtful for a Valentines Day gift, Sparkles and Spurs could be just the ticket. Instead of flowers that only she can really enjoy, you get to spend a night out together drinking and dancing in the library. This year the party will include an Antler Bar with beers from the Ale House Columbia and a Cactus Bar with margaritas prepared by the folks at The Wine Bin.

You can still get tickets at the discounted price too. After this Thursday the ticket price goes up to $125 as opposed to a hundred bucks right now. I wouldn't wait too long either. Only 600 tickets are available and as of this past weekend over 300 had already been accounted for.
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