Friday, January 11, 2013

Pot Etiquette

What does one do when a guest decides to toke up at your cocktail party?

The fact that this issue is now being openly discussed is as sure sign as any that societal attitudes towards marijuana have dramatically changed. In this article by Kyle Spencer in The Washington Post the reporter explores how locals are learning “to navigate dinners, cocktail parties, barbecues and cross-generational family get-togethers as more people liken puffing on a joint to sipping a glass of wine, while others still consider it a malodorous habit that’s best done not at all, or at least far from our house.”

“Here in D.C., it is far from a partisan debate, something that both Republicans and Democrats struggle with. “It’s a cross-party issue,” said a 27-year-old aide to a GOP congressman who, like many interviewed for this story, preferred not to give her name, further highlighting people’s discomfort with this subject. She says she smokes often at home, but does so without telling her ultraconservative, 50-something boss, her co-workers, or even many of her friends. “It’s really hard to know how people stand on it.”

I found particularly amusing the quote from Andrea Khoury who suggested that any such accommodation would be a non-starter in her idealized world. “My neighborhood is prim and proper,” she said.”

I think Andrea might be surprised to discover what goes on behind closed doors in most neighborhoods. Even otherwise prim and proper folks have been known to inhale on occasion.

The times they are a-changin
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