Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wronging the Right

A week ago I wrote that the loco Repub Central Committee leaned heavily towards a tea party ideology. Since then I have heard from two members of the nine member committee. They both said I had it wrong.

Apparently it is the HoCo Repub Club that is in the hands of tea party partisans, not the central committee. I was further informed that two tea party activists actually resigned from the central committee several months because they felt the committee was too moderate. One loco Repub went so far as to label the current club leadership as “crazy.”

That being said, the post in question referred to a comment made in a loco politico bull session by a Repub who is active in loco politics. This individual put the club and central committee in the same ideological basket. I was merely sharing that perception, which I should note was shared over drinks. I did not intend it to be taken as gospel. 

One of the committee members who contacted me told that they “staunchly support” Allan Kittleman. The other told me that eight of the nine members are often called RINO’s by Repubs outside of HoCo because of their moderate views.

In other words, I got it wrong. Consider this a blog apology (or blogology). Contrary to what some may believe, I do try to get it right here. Thank you for setting the record straight.
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