Sunday, December 30, 2012

Train Gardens

One of the holiday traditions that we enjoy is visiting the annual holiday train display at the Ellicott City fire station. Each year volunteers put up a slightly different version on 24 X 10 foot display inside the station which always includes a series of interactive buttons that the kids can’t seem to get enough of.

I enjoy the detail and creativity that the modelers put into this train garden. There is always something that catches my eye and makes me smile. This year was no exception.

There is also a train display in West Friendship. For the past three years the Four Counties Society of Model Railroaders has erected a huge display in the firehouse training room on the lower level. Yesterday we checked it out for the first time.

The FCSMR display is serious model railroading. It consists of a series of modules created by the different members and then linked together at the site. The painstaking detail of the various modules is pretty impressive.
Both displays are only up for a limited time. The Ellicott City train garden ends on New Years Day and the West Friendship display ends on January 6th.

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