Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dyer Consequences

It’s a been a week now since Judge Koteen upheld the impeachment of former school board member Allen Dyer and the ripple effect of that action is beginning to be felt. Prior to the ruling, Allen’s allies on the board openly defended him. Since the ruling they have been noticeably quiet.

Brian Meshkin and Cindy Vaillaincourt voted against the impeachment. In this article by Brandi Jefferson in Elkridge Patch, Cindy told the reporter “The very existence of this removal action ... constitutes a threat against me and chills my exercise of speech on behalf of myself and my constituents.” 

This past August Brian even sought to have Allen’s seat on the audit committee restored.

After hearing extensive testimony and weighing all the evidence, here are a couple of highlights from the judges's conclusion about Allen's service on the board:

"The Respondent's repeated efforts to act unilaterally without authority from the full Board, and contrary to positions adopted by the Board, interfered with the Board's efficient operations, and the Board's ability to conduct business and serve the best interests of the students of HCPSS."

"Although the Respondent was elected to his position, the statute relied upon by the County Board authorizes removal from office for misconduct in office even for elected Board members. I conclude that the County Board has established that the Respondent is responsible for misconduct in office under the Education Article, even though the Board did not prove that each of the allegations it raised constituted misconduct in office.  The Board did prove that the Respondent was responsible for repeated violations of important rules and policies that were sufficiently serious to establish misconduct in office and render the Respondent unfit to serve as a member of the County Board." 

The entire 100 page decision is a scathing indictment of Allen’s behavior. Those who openly supported him and allied with his causes are similarly guilty by association.

Or, as my mother used to say, when you lay down with dogs you get up with fleas.
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