Thursday, December 06, 2012

Dyer Impeachment Upheld

Administrative Law Judge Douglas Koteen has ruled in favor of the HoCo Board of Education in their impeachment of former board member Allen Dyer. The judges’ ruling vindicates the actions of the school board members who voted for impeachment by finding Dyer guilty of most, if not all counts against him.

Janet Siddiqui, Sandra French, Ellen Flynn Giles, and Frank Aquino all voted in favor of impeachment. Brian Meshkin and Cindy Vaillancourt voted against the action. Alexis Adams, the student member of the board at the time, also voted in favor of removing Allen.

Count me as one of those who thought that continuing with these proceedings after Dyer was defeated in the primaries as a waste of time and money. I may have been wrong about that. This ruling sends a a pretty clear message to all current and future board members that behavior like this is unacceptable. That alone would seem to validate the effort.
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