Thursday, December 27, 2012

It’s Dookie Time

Once again it is time to open up a can of sarcasm on the HoCo loco world of blogging with the sixth annual Dookie awards. The Dookies, named after Hayduke not the other thing, are a time to plant tongues firmly in cheeks and have a little fun with our blogging brethren and blog readers. So, without further diddling and unnecessary verbosity, I hereby open the 2012 Dookie nominations.

Baltimore may have Dan Rodricks but in HoCo blogging we have Tom Coale. Almost every morning, the HoCo Rising blog greets us with deep navel gazing on societies ills. In return, his loyal stable of commenter’s waste no time in pointing out what he gets wrong. For his efforts to educate the electorate, we nominate HoCo Rising for the Rodricks Rant Dookie.

The Royal Dookie Academy recognizes the symbiotic relationship of Twitter and blogs and no one has done more to tweet HoCo loco blogs than Jesse Newburn. In her zeal to tie the two media platforms even tighter together Jesse has developed list of loco hashtags a mile long covering every possible subject from HoCoMartnis to HoCoNature. Count us among those that find this proliferation of #hoco’s to resemble a plate of corned beef hash, a little of everything, but very little meat. For that reason we nominate Jesse for the Corned Beef Hash Dookie. We'd write a tweet about this but we're afraid the hashtags alone would use up all 140 characters.

Expanding beyond the simple written word, Bill Woodcock has added video to his HoCo blogging repertoire. In his initial installments we see Bill peering down at us while sitting in what appears to be his living room complete with a cracked mirror and a disabled smoke alarm in the background. Bill is so close to the camera that you can almost see his nasal hairs. That’s too close for us and brings to mind the Seinfeld episode with the close talker. The Dookie academy nominates Bill Woodcock for the Close Talker Dookie.

Nobody likes school redistricting. No matter where the lines are drawn, there is bound to be a group of people who cry foul. Taking sides and calling out those who manufacture facts is a no win situation but this did not deter Lisa Schlossnagle. In her blog, Lisa B, Mrs. S, Lisa wrote 15 posts covering every aspect of this touchy subject. We haven’t seen coverage this deep on a single loco hot topic since Frank Hecker scrutinized councilmantic redistricting last year. Scholarly work such as this warrants recognition so we nominate Lisa B., Mrs. S for the Frank Hecker Dissertation Dookie.

And finally, let us recognize those who comment on blogs. Comments make blogs more interesting and sometimes downright fun like when certain elected officials jump in. This year there were several standouts including the self proclaimed avenger of statists, Bill Bissenas. After much debate and several beers, the academy felt that this years honor for best blog commenter should go to Chris Oxenham. We choose to honor Chris with the nomination for the Chattering Class Dookie this year because he recently became engaged and we suspect marriage may soon mellow out his vitriol.

As always, remember that Dookie nominations are open to all. If you have someone in the HoCo blogosphere that you feel has earned a Dookie of your own construct, please jump in.
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