Saturday, December 15, 2012

The End of the Year as We Know It

When Nikki Highsmith had to cancel for this week’s podcast we decided to invite Dave Yungmann and Luis Valdivieso to join us instead for a freewheeling discussion of politics and the year in review. There was a lot to cover.

David is a loco Repub and a founding member of the New CityAlliance, an organization that supports the redevelopment of Columbia’s downtown. Luis is a Dem and a former member of the county exec’s staff. They are no strangers to spirited political discourse.

We covered a wide range of loco stories from derecho’s to derailments. Listening back over the show this morning I realized the conversation got a little bogged down when we talked about sugary drinks and the growth tier legislation. The growth tier stuff may seem boring on the surface but it has pretty deep political implications for Ken Ulman and to a certain degree, Courtney Watson. The county’s ban on sugary drinks on the other hand is much ado about nothing in my opinion. If you want a sugary drink when you are on county property, just bring with you. The ban is only on the sale of these drinks.

Of course it may be moot if the world ends on December 21st as some believe the three thousand year Mayan calendar predicted. As far as I’m concerned if the Mayans were so smart how come they didn't see the Spanish coming?

Assuming that the world doesn't end, we also learned yesterday that The Mall was renewing our contract for another year. They have been hosting our show since November 5, 2010 and we're grateful for their continued support.

Anyway, you can listen to 80th episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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