Monday, December 24, 2012

Max’s Redneck Christmas

A couple weeks ago, driving through Catonsville on my way home, I spotted a house at the corner of Ridge Road and Rolling Road that had almost every square inch of yard covered with inflatable holiday stuff. It was so over the top it made me laugh out loud.

Today I took Peanut by to show her and we met the homeowner. “I call it Max’s Redneck Christmas,” he told us.

Max had just finished adding yet another inflatable holiday dog to the mix. “I picked it yesterday. It was marked down,” he explained.

He told us that he actually has five more that he still needs to put up.

“I put one at the front door because people kept knocking on my door to ask if they could take pictures.”

No need to ring the bell. Max doesn't care if you take pictures.
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