Thursday, November 01, 2012

Sign Bandits

HoCo’s tolerance for illegal campaign signs has broken. Last week independent senate candidate Rob Sobhani blanketed HoCo roadways with multiple campaign signs in single locations. That apparently was the straw that broke the camels back. Up until now the county had tolerated campaign signs placed illegally in county right of ways and a few school board candidates took advantage of this. Last week all illegal campaign signs were caught up in a sweep by HoCo road crews. Loco candidates can thank Rob Sobhani for this change of heart.

Yesterday Mr. Sobhani made a brief campaign appearance at the Bain Senior Center early voting location accompanied by his own film crew. Council chair Mary Kay Sigaty was working the polling site on behalf of school board candidate EllenFlynn Giles when Rob, with crew in tow, approached her. After introducing herself, Mary Kay took the opportunity to upbraid the candidate for his illegal HoCo loco sign saturation. Rob tried brushing off the criticism by laying the blame on “overzealous” campaign workers.

Mary Kay wasn't having any of that. “"That's the excuse we all use,” she responded, “but ultimately, those illegal signs are your responsibility."

Well said.

A witness tells me that at this point the camera crew stopped filming.
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