Monday, November 05, 2012

Political Safe Harbor

The problem with election night parties organized by parties is that they are just so dam partisan. That’s a little too jingoistic for my election night tastes. On election night I like to be around people who can appreciate the flaws in all political camps because all political camps have flaws, no matter how good or righteous they proclaim to be. I just don’t relate well with the “my candidate/issue right or wrong” types, particularly on election night.

But I do like being around fellow political wonks on the big night. At my home, by the time eight o'clock rolls around, Mama Wordbones is done with all of it. She is perfectly happy to go to bed as usual without knowing who or what won or who or what was winning. She’s content to wait until the morning news…or later…

Not me.

One of the great rewards I've gotten from six years of blogging about local stuff is meeting other loco political wonks who share my appreciation for bipartisan flaws. In 2010 a group us gathered together at Clyde’s on election night to have our own little “Isle of Sanity” party on election night. With the exception of not having a wi-fi connection, we had a pretty good time and new friendships were formed.  Tom Coale says we started a tradition.

Traditions are important.

So, in case you had not heard already, we are having another Isle of Sanity election night gathering tomorrow night at the Rumor Mill in Ellicott City. They have wi-fi, so it’s already an improvement over two years ago. Everyone is welcome but sharp elbows and closed minds must be checked at the door.

You can RSVP here
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