Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election Day 2012

I love my voting precinct. It is one of the smaller HoCo polling locations which makes voting a pretty low key affair. This morning, at nine o’clock, there wasn't even a line.

“We were busy earlier,” the election judge told me. That makes sense, folks in my neighborhood seem to prefer voting on their way to work. This morning I opted to work a little at home before heading into the office.

Still, it’s such a voting backwater that there were no campaign volunteers outside this morning. None. Not even a paid poll worker for Question 7.

After voting, as I drove to Columbia, I listened to Don Gonyea report from a polling site just outside Columbus, Ohio. He said he spoke earlier with an eighteen year old man who was voting for the first time. After voting, the new voter told the reporter that “No matter who wins, that’s my president and I’ll pray for him and wish him well.”

That made me smile.
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