Thursday, November 22, 2012

Postcard from the Road

Yesterday we were among those 883,000 Marylander's on the move for the Thanksgiving holiday. Yesterday afternoon Peanut and I flew out of BWI airport for our annual trek to my sisters home in St. Augustine Beach. According to this story by Candy Thomson in The Sun, approximately one in six Free Stater's is on the move for a feast with friends and family this year. Unlike us, most are driving.
“Driving remains the way to go here in Maryland," said AAA spokeswoman Ragina Averella. "We're in a really good location on the East Coast, with many destinations two to four hours away. For a family with two or three children, it's cheaper to drive than fly."

I can attest to that. Even with taking advantage of early discounts, the round trip cost for Peanut and I to fly south was almost a thousand bucks.

It’s worth it though. We’ll spend a few days here with family and head back home before we've had a chance to do too much damage. As my mother used to say, “after three days, out of town guests and fish start to stink.”

Happy Thanksgiving. 
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