Friday, November 02, 2012

Poll Dancing

As much as I disdain Question 7, I grudgingly appreciate the amount of money it has poured into the Maryland economy this fall. The ballot question to expand gambling may be the most egregious example legislative shenanigans to ever befall our state but it has been a windfall for the local advertising and public relations industry. Both sides of the issue have poured millions into various media outlets to try and sway voters.

It’s even giving people jobs. A friend who is working an early polling site for one of the better school board candidates (Gertler,Giles, Siddiqui, Scott) told me that MGM is paying people a hundred bucks a day to ask voters to vote “yes” on Question 7 while Penn National is paying people to ask voters to vote “no.”

“The folks are dropped off by a van, photographed periodically to make sure they are there working hard, and picked up at the end of the evening.”

Imagine if that kind of money were available for the really important stuff like the HoCo charter issues.


The other day I asked Waterboy how he was planning to vote on Question 7. Waterboy is a 2010 college grad with a good job. He recently bought his first home.  “I’m voting for it,” he replied. He told me his reason was that he supports adding table games in Maryland.

I do too but the bill that is being put in front of the voters is about much more than table games. It’s about Maryland politics at its lowest. Our legislators can easily add table games to the current casinos without adding a new one in National Harbor. The way I see it, voting against Question 7 is a chance for voters to send a message to Annapolis that you’re tired of those who put personal politics ahead of the common good. 
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