Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crawling Back to Normal

It strikes me a bit odd that trash collection in HoCo continued on Monday during some of the worst of the storm but was suspended yesterday when the weather had cleared considerably. HoCo trash collection is now the slide schedule for the rest of the week.

Even though a new law took affect on October 1st that requires all Maryland drivers to stop at a non functioning traffic signal, it appears that many folks didn't get that memo. Yesterday while driving between BWI airport and Columbia I repeatedly witnessed drivers who, apparently believing that they had the right of way, continue to roll through intersections with malfunctioning signals at times without even slowing down. This morning, at the intersection of MD 104 and MD 103 in Ellicott City, I saw drivers do this right in front of police officers sitting their cars with lights flashing. I didn't see anyone enforcing the new law.
Yesterday morning CG asked me if I thought Dick’s Sporting Goods would be open. I told there was a about a 75/25 chance that it wouldn't be. Even though the weather had cleared, businesses were slow to reopen. Some banks were open, others were not. A Dunkin Donuts in Linthicum was closed but the Starbucks on West Nursery Road was open. The Starbucks in Shipley’s Grant was open too and it was packed at 1:00 PM.
Today, with schools back in session, loco life returns to normal, at least what constitutes as normal in the week before elections.

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