Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Because it’s Sooner

Preston Sheffenacker Properties is trying to tweak the commercial component in the Oxford Square project in Elkridge. The TOD zoning that they successfully attained for the 120 acre development two years ago allows for a variety of commercial uses including apartments. Now they want to add town homes into the mix. They also want to be able to have stand alone fast food restaurants complete with drive thru lanes.

Both of these are significant changes to the TOD zone. This is supposedly a pedestrian orientated zoning district and there is nothing pedestrian oriented about a drive thru lane.

Last night Councilperson Greg Fox asked David Sheffenacker, if there was some reason for doing this now since we are just getting ready to embark on comprehensive rezoning in which we’ll be dealing with issues like this throughout the county.

“It’s sooner,” he replied

Greg pressed him further, “What’s compelling as to why this needs to be done now?”

“Because it’s sooner” he said flatly.

With that attitude, sooner may be later.

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