Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Bull on Bullying

Last night, during a marathon legislative public hearing, Christine McComas, the mother of Grace McComas,  testified during the consideration of Council Resolution 169-2012, an anti-bullying initiative introduced by Courtney Watson. The bill calls for “encouraging” the General Assembly “to provide the necessary resources to appropriate agencies to implement the use of multidisciplinary teams to address bullying, harassment, and intimidation among students.”

Christine told the council that the system is a big part of the problem. In scathing testimony she indicted the states attorney, the police and especially the school system for failing to help her save her daughter.

When she was finished Courtney asked her if she was in favor of the resolution.

‘When I wrote my statement last night my intention was to fully support Resolution 169. However, as I went to bed and thought about it more…the very groups that are supposed to help, the police, the states attorney, and the courts, didn't.”

She never did say whether or not she supported the resolution.
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