Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday First Friday Second Sunday and so on

There’s a lot going on today. It’s Good Friday, it’s the beginning of Passover and opening day all rolled into one. It’s also First Friday in Ellicott City. Tonight most stores will stay open until nine with music and stuff, not to mention Yappy Hour at the Wine Bin. This will be the first First Friday of the year.

This, however, should not be confused with Second Sunday. In another twist on the turn of the leap year calendar, this Sunday is also the second Sunday of the month and marks the seasonal return of the Second Sunday Market which makes it the first second Sunday.


Today, when I dropped in to the Mon Ami Boutique for an Easter card for Mama Wordbones, a window washer was busy sprucing up the buildings for their market day debut. Coming out of the Little French Market I also noticed that a new hookah bar had opened next door. Several years ago I received a call from a guy who said he wanted to hookah bar in HoCo. It took me a few minutes to realize he was saying hookah not hooker. At first I just thought it was just one of my crazy friends screwing with me before I realized the guy wasn't a pimp. Anyway, though the Ghost Lounge advertises itself a hookah bar, it’s mostly a tobacconist. Brian, the owner, is a UMBC alum.

I also saw the Man Cave had moved. They now occupy the space that once housed Sarah & Desmonds Café. This just goes to show you that even in the healthiest county in Maryland, rib sticking man food sometimes wins out over the healthy organic stuff
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