Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Board Games

For an acknowledged loco politico junkie, days like today are like last nights NCAA basketball final. With fourteen BOE candidates vying for six spots in the general election this fall, speculating on who will prevail is almost as fun as filling out a tournament bracket.

Here is how I think the HoCo BOE primary will play out, in order of top votes received.

  1. Janet Siddiqui
  2. Ellen Flynn Giles
  3. David Gertler
  4. Jackie Scott
  5. Ann De Lacy
  6. Olga Butler
Of course Allen Dyer may still surprise me. As a friend pointed out, his people will definitely show up today while those who would prefer to see him retired may think there is enough opposition to him that they needn’t bother piling on by turning out to vote.

That would be regrettable.
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