Monday, April 30, 2012

Thirty Dog Day

“How many dogs do you think we’ll see today?”

Peanut and I were just starting our walk around Centennial Lake. It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and the park was loaded with runners, bikers, walkers and dogs. I guessed fifteen and she said twenty.

We were both way off. As we navigated around the lake we saw thirty dogs of all shapes and sizes, including one that was wearing white goggles whilst being carried by its owner.

Does that really count as dog walking?
“I smell honeysuckle,” Peanut exclaimed shortly after seeing the goggle wearing dog.

I told her that it was probably too early for honeysuckle. I was soon proven wrong. Could it be that this years schizophrenic spring has thrown natures schedule off a bit?

I think it was warmer in March this year than it has been in April.
When we were about two thirds of the way around we decided to take a break. I spotted an empty bench with a nice view looking down the lake. Even on a crowded day at the park it was still easy to find a quiet spot to soak in the spring afternoon.

I’ve walked, biked and run the 2.4 mile loop around the fifty acre lake more times than I can count in the twenty five years since the park first opened. It never gets old and from a dog wearing white goggles to a woman standing on a white bucket in the water, you never know what you might see.
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