Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pix Fix

Almost two years ago I decided to try and rely exclusively on my smartphone for photos. My old Sony Cyber-shot had been dropped one time too many and no longer could be relied upon to take a decent picture.

It wasn’t a decision I made easily. Early on, readers would occasionally comment on the quality of the pictures I posted here. That was cool feedback so I really wanted to maintain a certain level of quality. I was hoping the phone cam would be up to the task.

It wasn’t. Since I made the switch no one commented on the quality of To2C photos again until today. It’s understandable. The pictures I took with my phone just weren’t as good as the Sony and consequently I wasn’t happy either. Two weeks ago I finally broke down and bought a Sony DSC-W570. I posted my first picture with the new camera on April 5th.

I don’t consider myself a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures and sharing them. What I like most about this camera is that it takes a pretty good picture without much effort on my part. It is also compact enough to slide into a pocket.

I did take one last blog photo with my phone though. It’s the picture in this post. I suppose the phone camera will still do in a pinch.
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