Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th...Downtown

“It’s probably too late to get in at Tomato Palace.”

It was a little after seven this evening. Mama Wordbones and I had just finished our Friday cocktail hour. We were hungry.

Lately our Friday routine has revolved around getting seated at a HoCo loco restaurant by six thirty. On Friday nights, in Howard County, getting a table for two on a Friday night at a tier one establishment, without a reservation, after six thirty, is challenging.

As we drained our happy hour drinks, we laid out a strategy. Our first stop would be the long shot, our first choice, the Tomato Palace. Experience told us to expect a one hour wait. We were seated, in our favorite spot, within minutes. That Friday the 13th mojo was seemingly working for us.

“It is slower than usual tonight,” the host guy admitted.

Indeed it was, and we were the luckier for it.
As we settled into an elevated booth, beneath the star lit skylights, with glasses of wine in our hands, I mentioned to Mama Wordbones that I hadn’t written a post on To2C today.

“That’s not like you,” she noted.

True. I’ve been otherwise occupied today as they say. Sometimes it is difficult to juggle being a dad, a partner, and a blogger. The blog has the weakest position in that three way contest.

“I could always just write about getting into Tomato Palace after seven on a Friday night,” I posited.

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