Thursday, January 29, 2009

A TV Everywhere You Turn

A few months back I posted about the impending arrival of the Stained Glass Pub over in Elkridge. Last Friday, TW and I decided to check the place out for lunch.

TW knew some of the history of the restaurant and it’s origins in Silver Spring. I believe he told me it was a family operation.

Yesterday, an anonymous commenter here asked “Are there any good bars friendly to Steelers fans who might want to watch the Super Bowl with like-minded, enlightened football fans?”
Well, I’m certainly no Steelers fan but that comment did make me think of the Stained Glass Pub. That would be a great place to catch a game. Stained Glass Pub has twenty two televisions evenly spread around the bar and restaurant. That’s quite a few for a place that is about a third the size of Champps at The Mall which might also be a good place to find some fellow Steelers fans on Sunday night.

As for me, I’ll probably walk down to the party at JD’s and Danielle’s. He’s a Ravens fan and she’s a Steelers fan, big time.

I just hope it’s a good game. I’m rooting for the old guy.

Go Cards!


GoGayleGo said...

How was the food? We also used to patronize Thiesman's (loved it!) and were unimpressed with House of Welsh.