Wednesday, January 14, 2009

400,000 New Jobs in the Next 15 Years

The Fort Meade Regional Growth Management Committee (“RGMC”) predicts that our area will see a growth of 400,000 new jobs over the next 15 years. This committee was established to facilitate collaboration on major issues that are regional in scope. The region covered by this committee is highlighted in blue.

According to the RGMC, “The growth stimulated by Fort Meade will almost certainly be the largest single source of new jobs for the region during this period.” 

The RGMC also estimates that this new job growth will result in 85 million square feet of new commercial space and more than 265,000 new housing units. 

Columbia and Ellicott City are particularly well positioned to benefit from this extraordinary job growth.


PZGURU said...

Pipe dream numbers. Whoever came up with that number must have just pulled it out of a hat, just like the 2.1 million, no 2.7 million, no 3.1 million, no 3.6 million, no 4.5 million jobs that Barack Obama's economic stimulus proposals will generate. Pass the bong and keep chanting "yes we can", "hope", and "change".

Anonymous said...

I'll bite.
Where are you getting your info eternal skeptic?

Tom said...

So they are going to drop 2 more Howard Counties into central Maryland. . . ? ? ?

PZGURU said...

If you were asking me, not sure since I'm not a skeptic just someone who desires truthful debate, the various numbers I mentioned come from various news agencies and newspapers that are "reporting" on the stimilus proposals. Over the last 2-3 months, the numbers have systematically climbed upward, without any real, sound, logical explanation for the adjustment.

PZGURU said...

No. The extra citizens will all live in Columbia Town Center, once the vibrantization redevelopment plan is implemented. LOL

Anonymous said...

...or the source fails to mention the 500,000 jobs lost