Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NIMBY’s Still Going Strong in Mid Atlantic

This headline in today’s email from citybiz list caught my eye, “A decline in CAVE (Citizens Against Virtually Everything) people.”

Could it be true?

Alas, while that may be the case in the some parts of the country, in the Mid Atlantic, NIMBYism is still as strong as ever. The economy and the cost of energy have made development more tolerable in other parts of the country according to this study conducted by The Saint Consulting Group but not around here.

Perhaps if our region were a bit more depressed it might be more receptive to development and change.


Anonymous said...

Let me see. Wasn't it Senator Kennedy, the most liberal of the liberals, who didn't want energy efficient windmills constructed off the Kennedy compound in Massachusetts? Perhaps the view would have been too obtrusive and was sufficiently personal to make the dear Senator compromise on his principles. Rhetoric sometimes gets in the way of clarity and truth. I think NIMBY's live in Massachusetts too.